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  • Obamacare is the “Affordable Care Act” signed by President Obama in 2010.
  • Obamacare law states that all legal residents in the United States must have health insurance or pay a fine.
  • The fine in 2015 is 2% of the family income reported by a family member. In 2016, the fine will increase to 2.5%
  • Covered California is the Obamacare in the state of California. It was created by federal funds to help legal residents of California to obtain health insurance at low cost.
  • Since Obamacare/Covered California started many people can finally apply for a low-cost health insurance to protect themselves, their families and their businesses. In addition, with Obamacare/Covered California, a person can apply for health insurance regardless of their pre-existing health conditions, which do not determine their eligibility.
  • Covered California was created to help you pay for health insurance.

Assistance is based on 5 factors:

  • Household size
  • The age of each member of your family
  • Household income
  • Address
  • Immigration status

Premium packages include:

  • Bronze: First plan with a low monthly cost, but higher co-payments
  • Silver: Second plan with a low/medium cost and average monthly co-payments
  • Gold: Third plan with a moderate monthly cost and moderate co-payments
  • Platinum: Fourth plan with the highest monthly cost, but low co-payments

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) – Requires choosing a primary doctor

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) – Does not require a primary doctor

Covered California services include:

  • Ambulatory patient services
  • Emergency services
  • Doctor visits and specialists
  • Hospitalization
  • Maternity and new born care
  • Mental health and substance abuse
  • Medication
  • Rehabilitation and behavioral health
  • Laboratory services
  • Preventive services and chronic diseases
  • Dental and vision care for children

About Medicare

  • Medicare was created to help senior residents and people with disabilities
  • People must apply for Medicare 3 months before they are 65 years old
  • People who have worked for 10 years or more are entitle to Medicare
  • The current cost of Medicare is approximately $105 a month

Medicare Offers:

Part A: includes hospitals
Part B: includes doctors

People who have part A and part B, qualify for a program that includes Part C.

Must register 3 months before or after the effective day of Medicare services. Failure to do so on time will result in fine.

Part C, also called Medicare Advantage, offers additional benefits such as:

  • A group of doctors registered in the network
  • A group of hospitals registered in the network
  • Transportation
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Hearing
  • Gym
  • Others
  • Part C does not have any cost

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